Our Firm

We are a multidisciplinary firm of comprehensive consultancies whose mission is to deliver the tools to the different actors of society such as for-profit and non-profit organizations, citizen participation and public bodies. Consolidating, connecting and evaluating the impact of social, environmental, and cultural projects with the aim of strengthening the creation of shared value.

Our view


“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. Abraham Lincoln.

We believe that the greatest changes which our society is moving are based on collaboration: the process of strategic organization through which individuals are motivated by a common cause and work together for the future they want.

Many of our clients have an obligation to comply with environmental, social, labor inclusion and skills training standards. Moreover, there is a growing development of new ventures that, even when not required by the legal system, also require collaboration in order to meet their objectives. There is a current change of purpose of corporations from the shareholders to the stakeholder. In order to achieve effective collaboration, strategic organization processes require facilitation, consolidation, connection and evaluation of change through already proven methodologies, such as: SROI or social return on investment.



“Pasamos de la filantropía a la RSE y a la sustentabilidad y ahora hay que pasar a la creación de valor compartido”- Michael Porter

Our advice: Interpret the intention of our clients, consolidate, structure, connect, evaluate and give it sustainability.

From our expertise in sustainability, social, environmental and cultural projects, our comprehensive advice begins with the design of the legal structure that allows us to attract donations to carry out the projects (for example, creating foundations/associations or a company with an adequate internal policy, company-nonprofits collaboration agreements, etc.), to make those projects sustainable over time, from a solid legal and programmatic basis. Likewise, we interpret the intention of our clients to define the object, mission, vision and the work team structure for each organization. We support the process of applying for funds, agreements and contracts necessary to fulfill the defined purpose. Subsequently, we facilitate collaboration with related entities in order to identify opportunities and study impact projects, taking advantage of existing networks both nationally and internationally. Finally, we evaluate the impact of the proposals for the fulfillment of the mission of each organization, which meets the interests and desires that move our clients to carry out corporative responsible projects.

Our Hallmarks


Success isn`t about how much money you make, it`s about the difference you make in people`s lives. Michelle Obama Michele Obama.

As specialists in the creation of shared value, with experience in the public and private sectors, in for-profit and non-profit companies, we understand that a project of this type is based on a deep desire for improvement all parties to increase its value. As advisors, we are in touch with people and we interpret their wishes and dreams creating mutual reliance and finally we evaluate their social impact. Accordingly, confidentiality, professionalism, closeness and excellent disposition are our hallmark.

Finally, we are convinced that in the context of global and national changes to a more responsible, collaborative economy, in which we should be more aware of the environment care and taking actions to overcome the inequality, our clients are key players we support them not only through our know-how -how, but also with matches of high-quality international collaborations such as: carbon 0 specialists in California, representatives of the UN in the fulfillment and development of the SDGs, etc. This is the future of the world and our country cannot be left behind, we saw it when we were studying outside of Chile and we want to contribute from our passion for these topics and our expertise in them.

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